Social Media Management

There are 4.48 billion social media users globally, and that number is growing! That means there is ample opportunity for you to find your target audience to grow your business or brand. At Havash, LLC, our job is to help you reach your marketing goals through the power of digital marketing. We’ll partner with you to increase brand awareness, engagement, and web traffic while telling your unique story.
Key Features
Social Media Phone
Original Content Creation for SMM le Goes Here
If you are looking for someone else to handle your content creation, look no further than Havash, LLC. We work with you to create photos, videos, and other customized content to fill your feed.
Monthly Check-Ins
Monthly Check-Ins Our account manager will meet with you each month to make sure you’re on track and your posts are performing to your expectations. Adjustments can be made and tracked and that way we keep your campaigns fresh.
Social Media Calendar
Our dedicated account manager will set you up with a content calendar so that you know what is posting where and when across your platforms. We can set it up to post as frequently as you like with content you create or that we can create for you.


Is Social Media advertising worth it?

There are a lot of benefits to social media advertising.

First and foremost, it is free. Yet, free advertising doesn’t always mean efficient advertising. While there are a lot of good things in life that are free (sunshine, the smell of rain, you get it), unfortunately, not all free things are good, and advertising tends to be one of those things.

That is because, after all of the time and effort put in by you or another employee to curate your own social media content, you end up spending around the same amount as it would cost to invest in someone who does it full time.

Similarly, the content that you create, despite your best efforts, often does not have a strategy, nor does it have the same kind of branding quality that a marketing company could produce.