That sure would make life easier but unfortunately it is difficult if not impossible to do.  Much like it is impossible for the doctor to determine what may be slowing you down a bit and what treatment to suggest without seeing you and assessing your health, the same holds true for a business consultant. And though you may have a good feel for what’s ailing your business (and we want you to share this) sometimes, in fact, most of the time, the symptoms are an indication of something else which may lead to a different solution. We know this sounds like BS and that we’re avoiding the topic – but what we share here is true and reflects over 20 years of first hand experience. What we can say for certain is we will tell you (in writing) a specific price and EXACTLY what you will get in return for this investment in your business?

Yes. We created this company, the services, and pricing specifically for privately-held small businesses as a equally capable yet affordable alternative to the big firms. We tend to avoid the hourly approach and lean towards more fixed project pricing so you have a clear idea of the cost from start to finish as well as what you will get for that investment. We do offer hourly business coaching for when you need a qualified outside sounding board for a new business idea or issue.  

Next to your family and home, your business ranks as one of the most important things in your life. As such you should be cautious about who you share details with. Having a website doesn’t qualify someone to be a consultant. Whether it is us or someone else, we encourage you to meet the person you will be working with, to get a feel for the quality of their experience, expertise and advice. This is one reason we offer the free one-hour coffee chat. The second reason is personal on our end. I want to get a feel myself for who you are as a business owner and how committed you are to act on advice we may offer or follow through with the necessary recommended changes to overcome the challenge you face. The most impactful marketing of the Havash Consulting comes from enthusiastic clients who experience GROWTH in themselves and their business. We have to know you are willing to put into this engagement as much as we are. As you can see, both of us will benefit from this coffee meeting. And it’s FREE!  Contact us to schedule your meeting now.   

The role of a consultant is to transfer his/her set of tools (skills/experience) for growing a business and sales to you. That transfer has to be replicable (process) – you don’t want them to be experimenting with you or your company – so ask about what process they will take you through. If they can’t answer that or won’t show you the process – run!  Also look to see what real relevant experience they have and accomplishments they earned. Remember, if you are facing issues with growing your business or sales find an expert in that specialty. They DON’T have to be an expert in your industry as you more than likely already have that going for you. Lastly, an “expert” cannot be self appointed.  It takes others to recognize someone as an expert. If you can’t tell yourself if the person you are considering is an ‘expert’ look to see who out there values and recognizes their expertise, recognition, awards, universities.

If someone is suing you, use a lawyer. If you have bookkeeping issues, use a CPA. But if you are looking for answers to how to overcome stalled growth, to wisely spend marketing dollars, or sales strategy advice, or advice on new markets to expand to, then our answer is absolutely NOT. It goes back to the issue we addressed in an earlier question.  You become an expert in a given field through training and hands-on experience.  Lawyers are trained in the nuances of law, accountants in bookkeeping and tax compliance.  Neither one of these professions are known for growth strategy marketing, branding, sales, or operations. If they truly have your interest at heart they would refer you to the experts that do. 

Well, early on we will be asking a lot of questions about your company, your product or service, and your clients. You have all of this information in your head – my job is to get it out of your head and onto paper where it can be used. The engineer in me needs data before I venture to give any advice. You will find that we like to use stories from past clients or relevant personal experiences to support any recommendation we may make.  We are a firm believer growth is not something you stumble upon – it is something you plan for. There is thought and analysis behind what direction to take and how best to get there. We are blunt and direct.  We’re not shy about telling you candidly when the course you are considering is wrong. We will support why we feel that way and share alternatives. But at the same time, it is your business, and we will respect and support your final decision. 

Too many companies have thrown thousands of dollars away on social media, websites, car wraps, billboards, ads, flyers and brochures (marketing) with nothing to show other than the fleeting good feeling they had when the product was first unveiled. You will find that most marketing firms are “creative” firms. We admire and respect their creativity and firmly endorse their services with one major condition – that you know with detailed specificity what you are trying to achieve with your marketing dollars and it can’t just be, “I want more customers”. Havash Consulting will help you do the important analysis of your business and create a plan for growth before ever meeting with a marketing firm. With our information, analysis, and plan you will be better equipped to evaluate a firm’s ability to take the actions you want within a budget you’ve defined AND measure their performance in attracting QUALIFIED prospects. 

Absolutely. We start with the assumption that my clients prefer confidentiality when engaging our services. That said, our clients have been kind enough to offer to speak to potential new clients to share their experience with Havash Consulting. You will be pleased with what they have to say.

Let's talk about the challenge(s) you are facing.