Business Consulting

Whether you’re already well established or just starting out, we will help you overcome challenges, increase revenue, and grow your business.

Wholesale & Distribution

We partner with leaders to build businesses to get your products in domestic and international markets. 


Real-world advice and innovative thinking on a full range of solutions to manufacture your products locally or internationally. 

Web Design & SEO

Whether you need a completely new website or seeking modifications, the international team at Havash Consulting is here to help you.

Business Journey

Business Journey

Assisting entrepreneurs and business owners in completing the startup process, while improving business operations by assessing opportunities and recommending business solutions. Our goal is to help start your business that will survive beyond the first five years.

As your company scales, you essentially have three different ways to continue that growth:

  • Offer additional products and services
  • Expand your customer base
  • Operate in different areas – whether physically or virtually

International Services

We help bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and foreign markets,
supporting our clients in expanding their business around the world.

International Business Consulting

International business consulting services provide hands-on experience and expertise. Consulting professionals can speak the local language; understand the business customs and culture. They are experts at entering a foreign market or managing local markets.

We Grow With You

  • Product Sourcing
  • Planning and Marketing
  • International Operations
  • Mentor businesses on international relationships
  • Entering North America, Asia and Middle East markets

International Business Consulting Benefits

As trade barriers recede and businesses in developed economies increasingly pursue market opportunities abroad, competency and effectiveness in international management are critical skills at many organizations. A business has the choice to hire employees to manage international efforts or to contract it out to international business managers.

Lack of readiness in international business is to open up to risks like ineffective advertising & marketing approaches, employee relations, currency management, and other challenges. On the other hand, businesses that are able to successfully manage their affairs have greater potential to extend their marketing reach increase market share, improve efficiency and profitability, decrease costs, and enjoy other competitive advantages in international markets such as:

Companies, which have products that don’t sell well in local or regional markets, may find greater demand in a foreign market. Organizations can find new markets where their products and/or services can sell for higher prices than the local market. Businesses can offer a much wider range of products when advertising and marketing worldwide.

Companies can find international markets that have less competition and move quickly to capture market share. This can be particularly advantageous when businesses have access to high-quality versions of products that are superior to versions in other countries. In other words, companies can find an international market that has been buying an inferior product and replace it.

When an organization markets to several countries, they are not as vulnerable to events in any one country. This would be true for non-business events even such as natural disaster. In any one market can disrupt business, but an organization can compensate by focusing sales efforts in another part of the world.

When conducting business in another part of the world, a business learns new ways of doing things. They can apply this new knowledge to other markets. They may find better vendors, quality ingredients and supply, parts, methods of operation, and even structural efficiency.