Social Engine Optimization

The purpose of SEO is to help people who are looking for you and your products/services online to find you as quickly and easily as possible. To do that, you have to match the content on your website to what people are trying to find.

If SEO leaves you scratching your head, you’re not alone—it’s an extremely complex and layered strategy and has nearly countless moving parts like:

• Domain authority
• URL structures
• Building Inbound Links
• Fast-loading sites
• Removing duplicate pages

We Craft Keyword-Rich Content: SEO Copywriting 

Crafting keyword-rich content that contain the keywords search engines are looking is another key piece of SEO strategy.  


One of the first steps we take when we partner with a client is to conduct thorough competitive research. We look to discover the reasons that your competitors rank and show up higher than you do in search results. We use this information and data to build a strategy to get you ahead by doing things differently and better. Competitive analysis includes keyword research, analysis of high-ranking competitors’ websites, and a deep dive into analytics, data, and other measurement tools.

Next, we develop a comprehensive strategy focused on your growth combined with best practice on-site and off-site SEO for your website.

Some of these include:

  • Keyword/phrase analysis
  • Complete meta-tag optimization (Title tags, description tags, keyword tags, follow tags)
  • Keyword-rich alt tags
  • Keyword-rich title tags
  • Directory re-structuring
  • Page names/links
  • Internal and external link building
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