Novelty Consulting

There are many options in today’s digital world for brands to communicate, advertise, and sell products. The Novelty industry is a fast growing market, which takes a diverse set of skills to successfully manage or start a novelty brand today. To assist brands and investors who are behind novelty companies, our consultants offer a unique set of expertise. Havash novelty consultant disclose what is required to succeed, assist clients to achieve it, and help manage the growth.

Novelty brands at any stage can benefit from working with Havash consulting, who can provide clients a specific set of skills and execute objectives. Our consultant company has a vast amount of novelty industry experience. We know what works and what does not.

Consulting Novelty

Most novelty brands simply need help with key areas, which bring them uncertainty, but need to be successfully addressed. Our consultants help clear up these areas, advise clients, and execute specific tasks to reach business objectives for clients.

Getting Started

Havash Consulting will help investors and entrepreneurs start novelty brands. We work with clients to design and develop novelty products. Experts help clients market products and sell them successfully.

Increase Sales

We work with clients to increase product sales for their novelty product line. Experts help clients navigate the complex sales landscape for novelty products. We work with online and offline strategies.

Improved Marketing

Work with professionals to improve marketing efforts, campaigns, and results. We improve marketing strategies to gain market share and product sales for clients. Experienced marketers help clients market novelty products.

Reduced Cost

Havash consulting assist clients with operations. Operation costs are lowered and reduced. Work with our novelty experts to create an efficient business, selling novelty products online and offline. Speak to a us about your brand.

Our Novelty Brands

Sourcing 700x500

Global Sourcing

Havash Consulting can help with sourcing a wide range of manufactures, parts, products, solutions, and much more on behalf of clients. Product sourcing and so on is very common activity of our international consultants. 

Market & Sell

Marketing and sales functions are critical to the success of international business. Consultants assist clients to market and sell effectively and successfully. Our consultants help with business development in the international market. 

Marketing Selling 700x500
Operations Distribution Logistics

Operations - Distribution - Logistics

Our International consultants work with clients to ensure proper operations when entering a new foreign market. They assist with distribution and logistical objectives and milestones as well, for best results.

Growth & Management

Havash, LLC can help clients grow in international markets. This includes addressing growing requirements. Our consultants support clients also with management, managing key objectives to ensure results.


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